A Secret List for People Who Want to Hear What the New Thing Is, and Don't Mind Being on an Email List for Updates About It

We're about to launch a thing. Sign up here if you want to know about it first and be able to subscribe before everyone else.

The only benefits of being on this list are:

#1:  You get to hear the FULL FIRST EPISODE. Right now.  Pretty much the only people who have heard any of this stuff are you and, like, Tom Merritt... and Teller, maybe, I dunno Spotify?

Sure. Pretend Spotify cares... and, also that Spotify is super hot and into us, and they're whispering to everyone:  "oooh!  who are those spicy slabs of meat??" And then Spotify winks at us awkwardly, and we just, like, roll our eyes or whatever.

But the important part is that you'll get to hear the trailer right now and find out what the secret thing is.  Just don't call the secret thing by its real name in public.  Call it the "secret thing" and it'll be easier for both of us.

#2:  Also, you get to be first (are you listening?  FIRST!) to know when this stuff goes live.

(Plus, we're thinking of leaking full episodes early to people on this list.  I don't know, and I'm making no promises.  But whatever we decide to do in whatever order we do it... you'll be first if you join the list.)

And, before you ask:  Yes, we're cool.  We'll not bother you about anything that isn't related to this new big fat secret thing we've been working on for six months.  Your email is safe with us.


PS:  Okay... I guess you can also know that this thing is a pretty big deal.  Last time I felt this way was when we were about to Launch Scam School in 2008.

And that's all I'm allowed to say.  So... Sign up on the email list if you want to know what I'm talking about.
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